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Brassware for the Millennial

On a recent visit to a village in the deep south of India, Kumbakonam, I saw shops on the temple road glistening with various artefacts,…


Importance of Copper, Bronze, and Brass in the South Indian Traditional

Early in the morning, I woke up with a very loud sound of the huge bell from the temple and then was startled with a…


Bhande kali karalo (Tin Coating)

“ Bhande kalai kara lo"  “ Bhande kalai kara lo" “ Bhande kalai kara lo"  (get your utensils re-tinned) This was one call that used…


Best Cooking Utensils for Family Health

Every individual needs a daily dose of nutrients, irons and minerals in their diet. Our present lifestyle does provide us with our needs but, majority…


Bouncing Back to Our Roots

From television channels that have taken us into a flashback by telecasting Ramayana and Mahabharata, to Shaktiman and Chanakya, we are enjoying our sweet-sour childhood…


Importance of Craft Revival

To write about Indian handicrafts is almost like writing about the country itself. So diverse, complex and colourful, and yet with abundance of simplicity and…


Brass vs Copper vs Bronze

It’s been about 2 and a half years I have been working with the Thatheras at the backend and communicating with the consumer at the…


Nostalgia associated with traditional metals

Traditional cookware lasts for years and is chiefly a one-time investment. “My grandmother still uses them in her daily cooking. Today, they are an integral…


Lassi Walla Glass

This traditional piece of healthy Art would be very familiar to a north Indian house hold and if famous as Lassi Waala glass, even today…


Myths and Facts About Ayurvedic metals

If you transfer a vessel filled with water from one person to other and so on, it is likely that water spills out before reaching…


Ayurvedic Metals & its Benefits

Copper Copper, one of the oldest metals used by man, a pure element found under the veil of nature occurring as a natural mineral. The…


ठ से ठठेरा – Th Se Thathera

“ Identity is more important than money. I will chose having only one meal a day but keeping my identity intact rather than having a…

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