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Should I pick brass kadhai or choose a copper tumbler? What’s wrong with plastic spoons? Is aluminium handi going to create any problem? There are several questions that hover on our heads while selecting the best utensils for cooking. We generally think of what vegetables should be eaten, which fruits are better. However, what are the best cooking utensils is a question that is popping up now. Also, it remains a crucial one. During ancient times, it was of prime importance as to which material is good for cooking, serving and storing food and water. Post covid, with the stress on immunity building & health significance, these questions & concerns have regained significance. Also, be it online or in the physical markets around, there is quite some availability of the cooking utensils; choosing the best cooking utensils then becomes also confusing sometimes. Well, its time to take a look at what you must keep in mind to provide your family with the nutritious food & daily healthcare with the best metal for cooking.

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In the modern times, healthy food is a pressing concern. But when preparing food, are we actually sure that the best metal for cooking has been used? With metals like stainless steel gaining popularity, it is quite interesting how the traditional cookware have resurfaced and taken over our lives. It is easy to get tempted and fooled by aesthetic designs, bright colours and sleek turnouts of kitchenware. But much more necessary than following fashion is to take care of the nutrition, health & benefits that cooking utensils have the power of providing. Certain materials have medicinal properties and have the capability to balance the food cooked or store in the vessels crafted out of them. So, why not bring a hint of tradition to your modern kitchen so that everyone in your house can benefit from it.

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Choosing the best utensils for cooking involves considering various factors such as heat conductivity, reactivity with food, maintenance requirements, and personal preferences. Here's an overview of some common materials used for cooking utensils, including brass, copper, bronze, and others:




Good heat conductivity, 

Durable and resistant to corrosion, 

Aesthetically pleasing with a gold-like appearance.

May react with acidic foods over time, Requires regular cleaning and polishing to maintain appearance


Excellent heat conductivity, providing even heat distribution, Quick response to temperature changes, Aesthetically attractive with a warm, reddish-brown color.

Reactive with acidic foods, which may lead to a metallic taste, Requires regular cleaning and polishing to prevent tarnishing.


Durable and resistant to corrosion, Can have good heat conductivity, depending on the specific alloy, May have an attractive reddish-brown color.

Limited availability compared to other materials, Care requirements may vary based on the specific alloy.


Non-reactive with most foods, making it versatile, Durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain, Available in various grades with different heat conductivity levels.

Moderate heat conductivity compared to copper and aluminium.


Excellent heat retention and distribution, Can be used for slow cooking and high-temperature searing, Durable and versatile.

Requires seasoning to prevent rusting, Heavy compared to other materials.


Lightweight with good heat conductivity, Affordable and widely available, Non-reactive with most foods.

Prone to scratching and denting, May react with acidic or alkaline foods when uncoated. 


Easy to clean with low food sticking, Requires less oil or fat for cooking, Suitable for low-fat cooking.

Coating can wear off over time, Limited to low to medium heat.


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When choosing cooking utensils, consider the specific needs of your kitchen and cooking style. It's common for cooks to have a variety of utensils made from different materials to accommodate different cooking tasks. One must not forget the ancient knowledge streams of Ayurveda; a treasured collection of Indian history. Utensils being used since the time immemorial definitely carry the wisdom of past generations along with the potential of a healthy future. Additionally, proper care and maintenance are crucial for preserving the longevity and performance of your cooking utensils, regardless of the material.  An informed decision to select best cooking utensils is mandatory in order to create a safe daily life for your dear ones. Remember, it is not only the food that we eat which is important but also how that food has been prepared. Along with your love, your care shall be embodies in the selection of the best cooking metal for your family. 


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