why do we exist?

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There are easy choices, and then there are 'Right' choices

It is a tough battle when deciding between these two. They don’t get along. They’re like the angel and the devil that sit on your shoulders talking to you. Each one wants you to listen to them.

The right thing may be the toughest and most painful thing to do, but the more reason why we should keep doing it.

our mission

To revive the age old traditions in a contemporary manner, and ensure people take the right choices and not fall for the easy ones.

Don’t fall for the easy one

Make the right choice!

It’s not just about the food you eat; how you cook and consume your food matters!

  • Ayurvedic

    Traditional metals like Brass, Copper and Kansa are non toxic, boost immunity, aid digestion, slow down ageing and improve your overall health.

  • Authentic

    All our products are made from 100% pure metal sheets and are ISO 9001:2005 certified

  • Sustainable

    These utensils last a lifetime, are recyclable and help save gas (good conductors of heat) - making them sustainable and conscious choices.

P-TAL runs on three fundamentals – developing an organised market to promote the craft legacy, creating designs for urban consumers and leveraging contemporary marketing to sell traditional art. We also cater to varied consumer demands and crafts wine glasses, vases and tissue paper boxes from metals and alloys. Besides building a dedicated team passionate about boosting India’s artisan economy, P-TAL educates people about.

In India, eating in brass and copper vessels has been practised for years. Considered beneficial for health, these vessels are expensive and harder to maintain and have lost the favour of the masses in modern times. P-TAL hopes to change that.

Where it all started

The story

P-TAL (Punjab Thathera Art Legacy) is the story of a brand which started as a college project under SRCC, to revive India's only UNESCO listed craftform of Thatheras from Amritsar, Punjab. P-TAL aims to become the No. 1 household brand of everything brass, copper and kansa and we currently deal in kitchenware, cookware and home decor segments.

We rise by lifting others


P-TAL, which started as a college project, now impacts 55 families of artisans, increasing their monthly incomes by over 1200% in the last 3 years. Just like the Thatheras, P-TAL is an epitome of transforming tradition into trend while converting practice into perfection thus moulding the vessels of hope!

Easy choices make you happy in the short term, the right choices keep you happy for life. We at P-TAL want to make it easy for you to always take  the right choices!

Meet Our Creators

Faces behind P-TAL

Kirti Goel (COO)

A 28-year-old Graduate in Fashion design from Pearl Academy of Fashion Delhi, is responsible for design developments & front-end operations of the company.

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Aditya Agrawal (CEO)

A 24-year-old Graduate in Economic Honors from SRCC, is responsible for marketing & brand building of the organisation.

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Gaurav Garg (CPO)

A 29-year-old Graduate in Civil engineering from Punjab University, is responsible for coordination with the artisans for their development and growth, and ensuring smooth functioning of the production supply chain.

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“P-TAL is going to leave you stunned with its gorgeous collection of brassware!”

“This seems like a move in the right direction to preserve the art form now, and for the generations to come.”

“P-TAL is bringing back copper utensils in vogue and giving the artisans the respect they deserve for the hard work they do."

“At P-TAL, Choose from a fine teapot lined with tin, a water dispenser with copper glasses or a brass patila to boil milk and chai for a cooking experience that is both healthy and sustainable."

"They have a stunning range of kitchen and decor products which include a modern-day rendition of cutting edge designs and patterns, which fit in seamlessly into our modern-day homes and lives."

“P-TAL is bringing back copper utensils in vogue and giving the artisans the respect they deserve for the hard work they do."