About Us

P-TAL aims at reviving the dying craft form of the indigenous Thathera community of Jandiala Guru, Amritsar.

The Thatheras of Jandiala Guru are a community of skilled craftsmen who specialize in the traditional technique of making hand crafted brass,copper and bell metal utensils by hammering metal sheets. This unique craft of the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, Amritsar is the first craft from India to be inscribed in the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2014. Over the years, due to the onset of changing culture and modernised tastes, this craft lost its stature. This craft is not simply a form of livelihood for Thatheras, but a legacy which has been passed on for the past 200 years from generation to generation.

P-TAL is an epitome of transforming tradition into trend while converting practice into perfection thus moulding the vessels of hope!

Our Vision

Our aim is to revive and resuscitate the traditional Thathiar craft. With this aim in mind, we adopted a dual-faceted approach of developing aesthetic products for the niche markets, and utility based products for the mass markets.

For making the craft sustainable, our long term goal is to involve the next generation of the community in this craft, by making them aware about the lucrativeness of this craft and its immense untapped potential in the market. Our goal is to take the craft to international markets, and to simultaneously improve the livelihood and infrastructure of our thatheras and Jandiala Guru for the holistic sustenance and development of the craft at every stage.


The Founder

Ms. Kirti Goel, our founder and head designer, has a knack for noticing the lesser noticed parts of the environment around her which is what makes her design thinking process unique. She has proven experience in conceptualising a young generation artisan community centric brand from sourcing, grassroots capacity building, and design development to improving operational efficiency and enabling marketing across multiple channels.

She is a proud recipient of the World Trade Center Award for Innovation and Impact in San Jose, USA. She is engaged in the incubation program of CIIE.Co (IIMA) The Craft catapult. The process gave her experience in brand building and sustainability. 

Under her leadership, P-TAL has been a two time recipient of the SKOCH Order of Merit, the highest Civilian Honour conferred by an independent organization.

Winner of She the people Digital Women's Award 2020 in the E-commerce category powered by Google.



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Who We Are

The chapter of Enactus SRCC undertakes community outreach projects in order to impact the lives of people in need through the positive power of business. Enactus SRCC has taken up 14 community outreach projects till date, of which 12 have been completed and 2 are continuing. Our two running projects are Project Asbah and Project Virasat.

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What is Enactus

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