Simple, Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips for everyday use of Brass, Copper and Kansa utensils

Simple, Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips for everyday use of Brass, Copper and Kansa utensils
P-TAL- How To Clean Copper, Brass, Kansa Utensil
With the growing emphasis on health and resurfacing of ancient wisdom, the charm of brass, copper and kansa utensils is everywhere. Their visibility of these metals is there almost in all households. While the elders are thoroughly impressed with their benefits and purity, younger generation too is quite attracted to their health benefits as well as their cool and fancy designs. However, some problems remain the same. How to clean brass utensils, how to maintain copper vessels, how to ensure brass utensils cleaning are some of the questions that revolve in our heads on a daily basis. This might come as a surprise to you that maintaining and cleaning copper, brass and kansa is extremely easy! We bring you here some of the coolest, fun and easiest as well as effective ways of cleaning and how to wash brass, copper and kansa vessels!
A. Plain boiling water and easily available tamarind + vinegar!
• Add some tamarind and little vinegar to boiled water, Clean the required item with an absorbent cloth and then immerse in this water. Depending on the amount of stains on the vessel, it needs to be kept in water. Keep checking the vessel at periodic intervals
• Wash off the vessel with mild soap and dry completely with cloth piece
B. The multi-purpose vinegar or lime + salt!
• Vinegar or lime along with salt can naturally clean utensils of brass, copper and kansa. Put some vinegar over the surface of the vessel and then rub some salt on it. Use a clean kitchen scrubber to scrub the surface • Rinse properly and use a dry cloth for cleaning it
C. Tamarind pulp + dishwashing liquid!
• Make the pulp of tamarind by soaking it in warm water for couple of hours. You can then muddle it into a pulp leaving a few fibres also. Use this pulp on the metalware and let the fibres also stay on it. Scrub the pieces clean. After scrubbing, use warm water to clean and was any residue that might be left behind
• Some dishwashing powder/ liquid can be used for final washing followed by cleaning with a dry soft cloth
D. Lemons + atta!
• A common kitchen ingredient- atta or flour can be used with lemon juice or some vinegar. Put the mixture of the two on the surface of the metalware. The flour shall be able to hold the cleaning agent (in this, lemon juice or vinegar). Post scrubbing, wash off the vessel with clean water and let it dry
• Clean with a soft cloth
E. Tomato Ketchup!
• It is the easiest way to clean brass metalware. Spread a little ketchup on the area that requires cleaning. Use a clean cloth to rub over the item
• Rinse with water and dry
F. Pitambari!
• Pitambari powder is an appropriate choice to clean copper utensils. Only some amount of this powder needs to be rubbed on surface. Rinse it with water and let it dry with a soft cloth
It is also important to take complete care of the metalware after cleaning them. They should be dried in sun to ensure that no moisture is left behind. How to clean brass, copper and kansa utensils is quite an easy job in totality. One simple needs to use them well and ensure their cleaning that can be done with very simple household items. You must thus feel totally free to use these things of beauty!
P-TAL- how to clean brass utensils