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Brass Cookware and Kitchenware 

The old school brass kitchenware are not so old any more! With P-TAL, brass cookware has been redesigned & transformed for giving you maximum health benefits. Brass kitchenware helps in increasing immunity & is always good for treating asthma or increasing blood flow. Brass has inherent antimicrobial properties that can help in reducing the growth of bacteria on its surface. This property may contribute to better hygiene in the kitchen. If planning for weight loss or seeking glowing skin; brass kitchenware are a must. The ancient properties of brass have enormous potential for a healthy future. Being a good conductor of heat, cooking with brass utensils is quick and easy. Explore these with P-TAL now. 

Pure and Handcrafted Brass Cookware from P-TAL 

While being an integral part of Indian kitchens, brass cookware still stays as the most appealing one. However, finding pure and authentic brass cookware online can always be a problem. When buying authentic brass cookware online, it's essential to ensure that you are purchasing high quality products. P-TAL along with their ‘Thathera’ craftsmen is fulfilling the cause of producing 100% authentic brass kadhai, tawa, ladles, masala boxes and so much more. Some research and caution while buying brass cookware is always a great thing. Brass cookware can come across as expensive but remember the investment for health is always welcomed!