Pure kansa utensils are a major boon for a healthy life

Kansa for Eating

Benefits of Bronze/Kansa Utensils

Did you know, how we eat food, in what utensils it is cooked in & served can transform your skin & add immense health benefits to your life? Amazed? Kansa utensils are this source of wonder! With several nutritional benefits, kansa utensils is a must have in all houses. - Bronze utensils are a source of ayurvedic properties that help in nutrient retention. - Their alkaline nature helps in fighting acidity - The detoxification benefits help in staying fit - Food cooked in bronze utensils have an enhanced flavour - The anti-bacterial properties make these utensils a healthy choice - Utensils like a kansa thali set or a kansa glass add traditional wisdom along with modern style. Pure Kansa Utensils Online at Reasonable Price in India Authenticity and purity are the most difficult things to find in the contemporary markets.

Pure kansa utensils are a major boon for a healthy life

But how to buy these kansa utensils online? A simple pure kansa glass can be somewhere between the range of Rs.1200-1500 while a kansa plate could go upto Rs. 3000. Remember when you are buying pure kansa utensils, you are not buying simply some kitchenware but you are investing in storehouse of nutrition and health. It is always advisable to read product descriptions, customer reviews, and any available information about the authenticity of the kansa utensils.

Explore a Wide range of Bronze Vessels by P-TAL

With the increasing emphasis on health, kansa utensils have really become fashionable. However, this has also led to fake kansa being available readily at low costs in the market. One needs to be safe from any such scam. In fact, P-Tal has been working with Thatheras closely for a long time now. This age old tradition has been redefined beautifully by P-Tal where you can find a wide range of kansa vessels online. From the simple kansa glass to the aesthetically crafted kansa katori as well as meticulously designed full kansa thali set; are some of its offerings for lovers of bronze vessels.