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Kansa or Kamsya, as written in many books gives a sharp sound, is soft, smooth to touch and clear from impurities. This is also good for cooking due to its therapeutic quality (galib, Barve et el, 2011.). The formulations of bronze of ‘Pittala’ are beneficial in diseases. The Thatheras are well versed in this knowledge and let us know if asked.


Kansa also called bell metal in English is one of the best metals to eat food from, its an alloy of tin and copper, both metals being considered good for health. There are certain ways to test the authenticity of the metal, eg. it a breakable metal and if beaten with another metal/ material acts as a signing glass.

  • Size in Inches (lxbxh): 3 x 3 x 4.5
  • Finish: Golden Finish  (73% copper 27% tin roughly)
  • Weight in kg: 0.3 - 0.4
  • Capacity in L: 0.35
  • Note: Any variation in weight & size are the characteristic of handcrafted products.
  • 1.What is the ratio of metal? P-Tal usually believes in relying on artisan knowledge for making kansa alloy. It generally comprises of 23% tin and 77% copper
  • 2.What is Kansa? Kansa is an Alloy (metal) that has presence of tin it and hence you do not require tin coating or kalai
  • 1. Kansa is one of the best metals to eat food from.
  • 2. It does not require any major cleaning efforts, Instead the color of kansa enhances with every wash.
  • 3. You may find different colours of Kansa/Bronze in the market, since there is no Standard procedure of making it. Higher the consistency of tin more whitish tone would be visible in it

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    Pranav Shukla
    Not as per the cost

    It is too costly as per the market standards


    Good Health

    Cleaning Hacks

    It can be difficult to see the ageing of metal but that is the sign of purity!
    This product can be washed normally like other utensils. A day in an entire week can be kept for special cleaning incase needed. Pitambari powder, which is easily available in the market, can be applied to the products and rinsed off with water to give them a shiny look. Feel free to use household sour elements like a mixture of tamarind+salt or a mixture of wheat+vinegar/lime+salt, if pitambari is not available.


    Imperfections are the hallmark and beauty of handcrafted products. Minor black marks and scratches are part of the process of making brass, copper and kansa products. We do not accept returns for such minor marks and hope you embrace the beauty and accept them in their raw form.

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