Let Them Shine: Your Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Copper and Brass

With the tremendous nutritious value passed down through the different folds of time, Brass and Copper have been the most preferred metals for Indian households in terms of utensils. The graceful golden hue in Brass and the elegant rose gold sheen of Copper make it a valuable addition to the kitchen aesthetic. However, like any other treasured item, Brass and Copper require specific care to maintain and retain their shimmer. A few cleaning techniques can make it go a long way. But the most prominent questions are, "how to clean brass?" and "how to clean copper?". Don't worry! We have an answer to all your questions. Here are the most reliable ways to clean your cherished Brass and Copper utensils! 

The identification of the metal: Both metals require different methods of cleaning. Therefore, it's essential to determine whether one is dealing either with Brass or Copper, instead of any other metal, since both metals require gentle cleaning. 

When it comes to gentle cleaning, both Copper and Brass can be treated with the same solution. But where can you find this gentle, yet effective, solution? The answer is right at your fingertips. A mixture of mild, warm soap is all you need to remove surface dirt, grime, and gunk. Avoid harsh chemicals, as their abrasive nature can tarnish the metal's finish. 

Natural is the best: Natural approaches are always more convenient and easy to implement. Something as basic as vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice can be used as an effective cleaner to dissolve the tarnish and retain the shimmer of both metals without damaging them. 

Polishing: If the tarnish on your utensils is rather stubborn and even after using the other two methods, it still doesn't leave your way, there is one more method! Using specialized metal polish, primarily constructed for Brass and Copper, can be a great aid. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions. You can use the polish with a soft cloth in soft circular motions. 

An extra step: The cleaning may be complete, but it is always a good idea to take a few more preventive and protective measures. One can apply a thin layer of wax or metal lacquer to prevent the tarnishing of the metals since the wax and the lacquer will act as additional barriers. 

A preventive approach—Better safe than sorry! A preventive approach can go a long way—well, at least with your metals. Regularly dusting your brass and copper utensils with a gentle cloth will prevent grime and dust from collecting and accumulating. 


Contrary to popular belief, maintaining the beauty of Brass and Copper is manageable. You can protect them from tarnishing while preserving their lustre with natural remedies and gentle cleaning solutions. With a little extra care, your brass and copper utensils will continue to be a cherished part of your kitchenware, adorning your dining table for years to come!