The knight in shining copper, How does Copper kill viruses that cause Flu and Cold?


Whenever someone sneezes in the room, we move a step further, look the other way or cover our nose. But when it's us who's sneezing, we understand the pain, don't we? In changing weather, the Common Cold and Flu are rather rampant. But it's not just the weather that causes these. The microbes that cause such flu and cold are ever-present. So what should one do to prevent these? We have an exciting answer in the form of a metal. Copper, yes. You heard it right; Copper is the answer! It’s mostly not known how copper kills viruses. The antimicrobial properties of Copper pose a decisive fight against pathogens. Let's look at the antiviral properties of Copper, which enhance overall health.

1. Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

Copper helps in the process of catalyzation when it comes to the production of ROS, such as hydrogen peroxide hydroxyl radicals. Since these ROS are reactive, they can easily damage the viral components. The ROS is responsible for causing oxidative stress that can break down the virus's RNA and DNA, protein and lipid. That mainly neutralizes the virus.

2. Interrupting viral replication 

Copper damages the viral RNA, DNA, and essential proteins, preventing them from replicating within the host cell and halting the virus's spread. 

3. Boosts immunity 

Immune cells such as neutrophils and macrophages can better function with the help of Copper, resulting in an overall boost in the immune system since the immune cells are involved in identifying pathogens.

4. Binding and Denaturation 

Indeed, Copper ions can easily bind to the virus's protein and nucleic acids, leading to a denaturation of the molecules, making them lose their natural structure and function. Thus, this process hinders the virus's survival, preventing further spreading. 

Copper's antimicrobial properties make it a significant tool for public health. Moreover, it helps prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria and microbes in water, making it safe and healthier for drinking. The release of copper ions into the water can act as antioxidants, increasing the nutritional value of water.

The rustic and elegant shimmer of authentic Copper creates a timeless appeal and a touch of culture. Solid and long-lasting, copper utensils are durable when adequately taken care of. Embracing the antimicrobial properties of Copper and incorporating it on the surfaces of everyday items can act as a strategy for reducing various diseases and infections.

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