Is brass your key to healthy life? Get your answer here!

Is brass your key to healthy life? Get your answer here! 
benefits of brass cookware

Wisdom, beauty, uniqueness; these are all encompassed with brass, that is commonly called as Pital in Hindi language! The metal with such varied health properties has time and again proved that if its natural, it is worthy! In the modern day and age, we are always thinking about using brass utensils for kitchen as well as for serving food.

Traditionally brass has been in vogue for solving and balancing the pitta dosa that helps in maintaining a good hemoglobin count. It is further said to brass is responsible for the provision of healthy skin! It is no wonder that the food prepared in a brass kadhai or chapati from a brass tawa have their own unique taste that is intact with nutrients. Being a good conductor of heat, cooking is quicker in brass utensils. Be it the brass kharchis or tiffins; they are all making their headway in contemporary times. However, did you know that this metal that is 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc and that shines like gold has so many health secrets. Then why wait? Check out the healthy life with the usage of brass.


1. Your natural weight loss plan > if you are aiming for some weight loss, brass cookware is a perfect option! The copper in brass helps in combating obesity also. It also leads to bone strengthening.

2. Natural immunity for you > with the crucial elements of zinc and copper, brass attains major power to improve immunity. The body strength becomes quite good with its usage.

3. Infections, diseases, health problems are a big ‘No-No’ > because of this increasing immunity, several worm related diseases are also eradicated. Infections are also prevented with simple things like eating food that is made in a brass patili or kept on a brass pate. It is responsible for helping in curing respiratory diseases also like asthma. Food from brass cookware is thus a superb way towards healthy living.

4. Stay cool, Stay calm > though it is a great conductor of heat, it also keeps water cooler for longer time periods. This in turn makes ones body stay calm and cool especially when under stress.

5. Durability & Safety > in comparison to other cookware and kitchenware like plastic, brass definitely is far more durable as well as keeps the food fresh for longer periods.

6. It is about the beautiful you > for all your beauty woes, brass utensils give way for a balanced blood flow that helps in maintaining a lustrous skin. Thus, such cookware is the best one!

7. Let your hair shine > it is not only about the skin but also the problem of hair fall can be dealt with the nourishment retained in brass kitchen utensils.

8. Remember these benefits! > there simply lies no need to miss Chacha Chowdhary when you can yourself have memory like him! Yes, eating or drinking from brass utensils are proven to sharpen ones memory. After all, you need to remember and utilise such precious health benefits of the natural metal of brass.

9. The traditional Ayurvedic intelligence > Ancient wisdom of ayurveda has always bestowed its love on brass. From balancing doshas to the sattvic healing quality that the food attains when cooked in brass has been mentioned tin the ancient texts.

10. Last but definitely not the least > Maintaining pital utensils is often considered to be a difficult task. However, with simple and quick household hacks, this os definitely a cakewalk. You may check out these tips here. So, feel free to use these things of beauty and health!

There are different types of brass cooking utensils that can help you achieve the above benefits. Take for example, brass kadhai! Any household’s kitchen is literally incomplete without a kadhai. From cooking subzis, to dals, to rice’ a kadhai is a one man army. On top of that a brass kadhai becomes an even better addition as it brings with itself some amazing benefits like helping in nutrient retentions. The food cooked in a brass kadhai is free from toxins as well as is quicker because brass conducts heat quite fast. The multi-purpose brass kadhai is like other brass utensils is wrapped in the diverse health benefits that it brings for all. Thus, people across age groups, gender, climatic conditions can have their own takeaways and make the most of this power metal.

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