Seven Ways to Identify an Original Copper Water Bottle

As the heat rises, we all look for the perfect water bottle to carry. There are so many options, from steel bottles to glass; making the final purchase keeps getting more challenging! But what if we tell you we have the perfect answer to your worries? The best addition you can make to your life in terms of health benefits is the copper water bottle. Since ancient times, using copper vessels to store water has been a prominent practice due to its impeccable antimicrobial properties. Copper water aids digestion and helps boost metabolism and overall immunity. Copper water is also believed to regulate cardiovascular health and functioning, maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

Isn't it great to acquire all these benefits by incorporating a copper water bottle into your daily routine? But it's also essential to use an original copper bottle. So here are seven ways to identify an original copper water bottle:

1. Heavyweight—Pure copper water bottles are heavier than bottles of different metals. To find out if the bottle is original or not, you can feel its weight and notice a heavier heft. 

2. Magnetism—Since Copper is a non-magnetic metal, the magnet won't stick to the bottle. You can test using a small magnet and try sticking it to the bottle. If it dies to stick, it is not made of pure Copper and might contain other metals as well. 

3. Distinct Colour—Unlike other metals, which are usually grey, authentic Copper has a distinctive reddish-brown colour and subtle matt shine. The colour changes due to oxidation and forms a blue-grey layer due to moisture exposure. 

4. Sound—Copper's exclusive acoustic properties give it a distinct, smooth, and resonating sound, which may sound duller than that of other metals. 

5. Oxidation: Authentic Copper reacts with moisture and air, forming a Patina, a blue-grey layer. Freshly made or newer copper bottles may not have Patina, but there can be signs of slight oxidation or tarnishing.

6. Smoothness test: Copper is soft, and thus, it isn't easy to sustain its smoothness. It can quickly get dents. The dents are an indicator of authenticity. 

7. Cost: Original copper water bottles tend to be more expensive due to the craftsmanship and the price of raw metal. It is advisable to buy your copper bottles from trusted sources. 

P-TAL's copper bottle is a great choice! By now, we know that the water stored in Copper is infused with excellent health properties. It's essential to keep a balance regarding the period involved in storing water. It's crucial to change water every 1 0 hours. Considering this small thing, you can reap the maximum benefits of a copper water bottle.

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