Traditional Wisdom meets Modern Thinking

A forlorn thathera once asked, “Who will buy our parats and patilis in the modern day market?” “Why in the modern day & age our craft shall get recognised?’. 

Also, we kept hearing people asking, “Is there any authenticity of brass products?”, “Why to invest in traditional cookware, does it serve any purpose?”. 

We thought & thought about these diverse set of questions. And yes, P-TAL has answered these! We institutionalised the thatheras and with the help of our team of designers, our thatheras are producing contemporary designs to suit the modern markets around the world. Today, the walls of Jandiala echo the ‘Thak Thak’ all the more stronger. It is an overwhelming feeling too realise that so many lives have changed & so much more can be done for this exquisite craft.

About P-Tal with ‘The’ se Thathera:

P-TAL (Punjab Thathera Art Legacy) is the story of a brand which started as a college project under SRCC, to revive India's only UNESCO listed craft form of Thatheras from Amritsar, Punjab. With an aim to become the No. 1 household brand of everything brass, copper and kansa; P-Tal has never shied away from honest & pure work. It has been time consuming, each product is uniquely designed and crafted but then if we are working for sustainability & health, this is the last that can be done. 

Craftsmanship often refers to the skill and artistry involved in creating handmade objects. Different cultures around the world have their unique traditional crafts that have been passed down through generations. These crafts can include various materials such as metal, wood, ceramics, textiles, and more.

Thathera craftsmanship is indeed associated with a traditional metalworking craft known as "Thathera" or "Thathera art." This craft has its roots in Jandiala Guru, a town in the Amritsar district of the Indian state of Punjab. Thathera artisans are skilled in the art of making traditional brass and copper utensils, decorative items, and religious artifacts. The craft involves hand-hammering and hand-chiseling the metal to create intricate designs. The artisans use a variety of tools to shape and embellish the metal, showcasing their expertise in metal craftsmanship. These handmade products often have distinctive designs that are deeply rooted in the cultural and historical context of the region. The craft has been passed down through generations, with artisans learning the skills from their ancestors. The Thathera craft not only serves utilitarian purposes but also has cultural and artistic significance. The products crafted by Thathera artisans are often used in households, religious ceremonies, and are sometimes sought after as unique pieces of art.

Transforming traditions into trends:

In the modern day & age, it becomes slightly difficult to mould traditional crafts with contemporary demands along with maintaining purity. There are several aspects that P-Tal keeps in mind while amalgamating the traditional wisdom with modern designs. 

> Quality and Excellence: Craftsmanship, by definition, demands a commitment to excellence. Purity in craft ensures that every detail, from material selection to the finishing touches, aligns with the artisan's vision. A pure craft is free from compromise, resulting in products of unparalleled quality and durability. With our exclusive range of brass kadhai, fashionable ghee-pots or useful copper water dispensers; we are continuously trying to achieve this goal. 

> Cultural Integrity: Purity in craftsmanship is intertwined with cultural heritage. Whether it's the intricate patterns of Thathera art or the precise joinery in Japanese carpentry, maintaining purity ensures the preservation of cultural identity. Craftsmanship becomes a vessel through which traditions are passed down and cultural narratives are sustained. It is an emotional bond between the artisan and the product as well as the user gets the satisfaction of traditional knowledge of brass cookware being a part of their households. 

> Timeless Appeal: Craftsmanship that embodies purity possesses a timeless allure. Purely crafted items resist trends and fads, standing the test of time both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Such pieces become cherished heirlooms, transcending generations with enduring beauty and utility. It is undoubtedly the most sought after gifting option! The cocktail glasses gift set or an entire brass thali set are some rare designs by P-Tal.  

> Artisan's Integrity: The artisan's commitment to purity reflects their personal integrity and dedication to the craft. It is a manifestation of their passion and respect for the materials they work with. Purity in craftsmanship is not just about the final product but is also a testament to the artisan's character. Being profit driven is one thing but making sure that craft gets combined with true knowledge stays at heart here. 

> Sustainability: Purity in craft often aligns with sustainable practices. Using natural, ethically sourced materials and employing traditional techniques minimizes environmental impact. Craftsmanship that embraces purity, therefore, becomes a sustainable choice, resonating with consumers who prioritize eco-conscious living. It is no wonder that these traditional metals of brass, copper and kansa have made there inroads in our lives yet again. Along with being sustainable, there benefits are umpteen. 

> Emotional Connection: Craftsmanship imbued with purity creates a profound emotional connection between the artisan, the product, and the end user. Knowing that an item is crafted with unwavering dedication and expertise adds a layer of meaning and sentimentality, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art. Also, for any household, a peetal product is reminiscent of grandma tales, drinking water from copper dispenser reminds one of the benefits mentioned even in our ancient texts and the kansa thali makes for a glorious setting when having guests over at home. 

Our vision:

To put it quite clearly, there are three fundamentals around which our work is organised –

1. Developing an organised market to promote the craft legacy

2. Creating designs for urban consumers

3. Leveraging contemporary marketing to sell traditional art.

We also cater to varied consumer demands and crafts wine glasses, vases and tissue paper boxes from metals and alloys. Besides building a dedicated team passionate about boosting India’s artisan economy, P-TAL educates people about this lesser known yet a beautiful craft. 

There definitely is a feeling of pride when our peetal kadhai or brass kadhai finds an honoured space in kitchen of a two-tier city as well as in some foreign houses. These are seen as carriers of traditions. With food retaining its nutritional levels, the pital kadhai is a must. Similar fact must be mentioned about copper water dispensers that are available in 3 different sizes. Drinking water form copper is part of our rich history as it boosts immunity and also serves several other benefits. The designing of copper dispenser if carefully done to ensure there sustainability. Several products from P-Tal like brass patila or set of brass ladles, or the handcrafted brass chapati box are rare offerings that are crafted warmth & care of the artisan.

In India, eating in brass and copper vessels has been practised for years. Considered beneficial for health, these vessels are expensive and harder to maintain and have lost the favour of the masses in modern times. P-TAL hopes to change that. In a world often driven by mass production and fleeting trends, the importance of purity in craftsmanship cannot be overstated. It is a guiding principle that elevates the mundane into the extraordinary, connecting artisans with their cultural heritage, consumers with timeless products, and both with a shared appreciation for the beauty of pure craftsmanship. As we celebrate the purity in craft, we not only honour the past but also lay the foundation for a future where quality, cultural integrity, and artisanal excellence prevail. This definitely is the time to celebrate the transformation of traditions into trends. 


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