Weddings: The Milestones of Togetherness

Weddings are precious; and so is this journey towards planning a wedding. From saying a ‘Yes’ to invites, gifts for your amazing guests, wedding favours that you shall want everyone to remember always, to the trousseau that goes with you! Phew, each step is a memory galore that you create and cherish. With changing trends, the idea of a wedding has undergone tremendous change. There are traditions that are followed in a trendy and more contemporary style.

Shaadi mein zaroor aana: Invites made special
Starting with the wedding invites, these are available in customised designs that speak of the personality of the bride and the groom. The entire wedding cards idea in India was adopted from the British and took shape in the 19th century. It was the royalty and landlords who were eager to practice this custom of printing the invite. The earliest invites were quite plain and simple with the gradual inclusion of Indian culture in terms of gods and goddesses imprints etc. that took place. However, in today’s day and age there is no limit to the creativity in this field. The most prominent and innovative have been the ones with a personal touch with the seal of your desirable motif that can be the initial of the names also. An aware today is also leaning towards sustainability and concern for ecology. The popularity of seed paper invites proves this. It speaks of a responsible person who cares for the world and for their beloved.


Kaarigari ka kya kehna: Crafting Happiness for you
The emphasis on traditions is equally important. This is when hand embroidered dupattas like the phulkaris of Punjab or the handwoven silk sarees of South India become a part of the wedding. Increasingly, one sees more and more demand of handcrafted products. While we are moving towards modern lifestyles; the respect of the ancient knowledge seems to be gaining stronger grounds. But why? What makes us lean towards these? Their exquisite beauty remains unparalleled. The love with which hand made products are made is immeasurable. There exists a blessing in every article. A blessing from the artisan, a blessing from your home. This is a way to make a wedding a moment of happiness for those whom you may not even know.

Ek Pyaar bhara Dhanyawaad: The Fashion of Wedding favours
The wedding favours in a wedding again become a significant part of the journey of this sacred unison. While giving gifs to your guests have been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial, this too has seen such a variety of changes and metamorphosis. It is Bomboniere that seems to be the first wedding favour initiated by the European aristocrats. This was a small crystal or porcelain trinket box. In India, the traditional wedding favours included Indian sweets liken ladoos and barfis. Even dry fruits are popular here. However, the contemporary weddings are seen statements of the bride and groom. A touch of personalisation with the usage quotient has become important. For instance, cocktail glasses or some beautiful frustum vases are a modern day couple’s choice that defines them. This is also a step towards appreciating local craft and art and lead to a sustainable space. The idea of ‘cool’ has thus undergone major transformations in the wedding market!


The main crux is to make your special day the most memorable one for yourself, your guests and so many other people who knowingly, unknowingly contribute to making your wedding an affair filled with warmth, happiness and lifelong joy!