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Significance of Brass Items for Pooja

Brass, with its divine aura and enduring qualities, becomes the perfect choice for crafting pooja items. According to ancient scriptures, using brass in worship is believed to attract positive energy and channelize it for the devotee's well-being. 

At P-TAL, we specialize in handcrafted and authentic brass items for pooja, including brass pooja thali set, brass bell, brass diya holder and more. Our mission is to revive the age old traditions and help people make the right choices.

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We bring to you a wide range of pooja items that seamlessly blend tradition with craftsmanship. Our artisans, with their time-honored skills, meticulously handcraft each piece, infusing it with authenticity and devotion.

The cost of our brass bell for pooja is Rs 650, while the diya holder set made of brass and copper is priced at INR 1950. You can also look out for the different offers that are available for our customers, as we believe in enhancing your shopping experience by providing exclusive promotions, bundle deals, and seasonal discounts. We aim to make your journey with P-TAL even more rewarding, ensuring that when you purchase pooja items from us it is not only a reflection of your devotion but also a delightful and cost-effective endeavor.