'ठ' से ठठेरा

'Th' se Thathera

Revival of only craftform from India to be listed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

A forlorn thathera once asked, “Who will buy our parats and patilis in the modern day market?” P-TAL has answered this question! We institutionalised the thatheras and with the help of our team of designers, our thatheras are producing contemporary designs to suit the modern markets around the world. Today, the walls of Jandiala echo the ‘Thak Thak’ all the more stronger. We have got more lives to change and more stones to turn. Thank you for moulding the vessels of hope for our Thatheras!

मनोहर लाल जी
Manohar Lal Ji

"I'm not just a craftsman anymore,

I'm an entrepreneur!"

अमृत लाल जी
Amrit Lal Ji

"It is not just my culture,

it is a part of who I am"

हरी कृष्ण सुरी जी
Hari Krishan Suri Ji

"I will choose having only one meal a day and keeping my identity and legacy intact, rather than being just another person in the crowd."

हरविंदर सिंह जी
Harwinder Singh Ji

This isn't just work for me,

it's a part of my legacy!"

मंदीप भैया
Mandeep Bhaiya

"This is what I've learnt since childhood,

it is my legacy"

Story of our Thatheras