Kalai (Tin Coating)

There are a lot of myths associated with tin coating. This space will provide you all answers to frequently asked questions associated with tin coating or kalai.

Q & A around Kalai

Yes, the tin coating on the utensils makes them non-stick & easy

Brass utensils with tin coating are absolutely safe &
can be used for cooking all types of food including Alkaline foods. Whereas let's enhance your knowledge a little since fats don't react with brass, so its completely safe to deep fry in brass directly.

It completely depends on your
utility, the more you use it the sooner you will require it . (Eg. For a product like
saucepan that you use daily to make tea, kalai might be required in 3-4 months) but using wooden spatulas for products like karahi should help. Make sure your cleaning material is not abrasive. Just a simple takeaway would be you don't have to scratch the tin coating in any way.

Do not leave it on gas without oil as Kalai might melt leading to quick fading of the

It may vary as per the place but avg. cost of tin coating a small sauce pan would be Rs 200/-, which would include pure tin & the labour.

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