मनोहर लाल जी
Manohar Lal Ji

If it was not for him, we would have never been able to start this journey of P-TAL.

In 2018, we still remember, in the entire village he was the only one who believed in our initiative and had faith for revival of this craft, not even his son was ready to believe that this old age legacy could revive again. He has heard the sound of the hammer since he can remember. Being a Thathera is in his culture, his tradition.

A risk taker with eagerness to learn new artistic ways of hammering products and teach in the lanes of Jandiala Guru, Manohar Lal Ji is not just a craftsman anymore, he is an entrepreneur. He truly is the torch-bearer of Karigar ki Virasat (Legacy of Artisans). The pride for his craft legacy and the skill he possesses makes him one of our master artisans.