Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free
Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking
Pure Copper Hammered Lagan Handi

Copper Hammered Lagan - Lagaan for cooking- Naturally non stick , Non Toxic, Teflon Free

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Whether it's a steaming biryani meal or some bubbling chicken curry, P-TAL's Copped Lagan is one of the best cookware! It not only adds a mesmerising aroma to your food, but it also entails copper properties and thus makes food toxin-free! Since Copper is a good conductor of heat, the food is cooked faster and evenly.

It comes with a top lid to keep the food safe and covered. Moreover, the rings on the side make it highly convenient in terms of utility while handling the vessel. It is a definite addition to copper cookware!

Why should you buy it?

  • Convenient usage: The product has a top lid that keeps the food safe and covered. Moreover, it has semi-circular holders or rings on either side, making it extremely easy to carry.

  • Non-Stick: The tin coating on the Lagan makes it non-stick and easy to use, making cooking and cleaning easier. Moreover, due to the non-stick nature of the utensil, the requirement for oil or fat is less, promoting healthier cooking.

  • Heat Conductivity: Copper is a great conductor of heat, which helps in the uniform distribution of heat across the surface. It reduces the risk of hot spots leading to unevenly cooked food.

  • Nutrient Retention -Copper helps retain the natural nutrients in food, thus ensuring the retention of essential vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients.

  • Tin Coating-Tin coating helps prevent acidic foods from reacting to the metal surface, thus increasing its non-stick properties and making it more durable while ensuring safety when cooking all kinds of food products.

  • Non-Toxic- Copper is non-toxic when used in moderation, making it safe for storage.

  • Aesthetic Appeal- The rustic and elegant shimmer of authentic Copper creates a beautiful rose gold shade, timeless appeal and a touch of culture.

  • Durability: Strong and long-lasting, copper utensils are incredibly durable when adequately taken care of.

Things to keep in mind while using Copper utensils-

  • Gentle Handling: Since Copper is a soft metal, it can dent and scratch easily. Thus, handling it with a bit of extra care makes it last longer.

  • Advisable Storage Period: It is safe to drink water stored in copper utensils regularly. However, one should keep in mind that one should store the water for 8-10 hours and not exceed it.

  • Avoid Acidic Foods: Copper tends to react with acidic food, which can lead to the leaching of Copper into the food.

Size in cm (LxBxH): 35.56 x 35.56 x 12.7

Finish: Hammered Rose Gold ( Handcrafted in pure Copper) & tin coated so silver on the inside.

Weight in kg: 3.1 - 3.4

Capacity: 5L- 6L

Note: Any variation in weight & size are the characteristics of handcrafted products.

1. Is it Non-Stick?

Yes, the tin coating on theLagan makes them non-stick & easy cookware.

2. Is it safe to cook all types of food?

Copper Lagan with tin coating are absolutely safe & can be used for cooking all types of food. Though you may not require kalai for deep frying since fats do not react with brass.

3. After how long will it require tin coating (kalai) again?

It completely depends on your utility, the more you use it the sooner you will require it. Head to our kalaiwala page to learn more about kalai and to locate kalaiwalas near you.

1. Brass & copper being good conductor of heat, when used as cookware helps you save gas. They are a smart step towards sustainability.
2. Do not leave it on gas without oil as Kalai might melt leading to quick fading of the coating.

Did you know

Copper Is Known To Have Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Carcinogenic And Antioxidant Properties. It Helps With Generating Heat In The Human Body, Aiding Communication Between Different Cells, Breaking Down Certain Foods To Become Haemoglobin And Boosting Our Metabolism.

One metal, many benefits

Why Is Copper Essential For You?

Boosts immunity of the body
Slows down ageing
Kills bacteria
Promotes better digestion
Fights against bad cholesterol
Strengthens bones and joints

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100% Non Toxic
Good for health
Retains nutrients
Heats evenly,
cooks faster
Lasts for a
Adds flavour
to food

Thousands of 5 star reviews

chefs love our product!


I have been delighting in the exquisite craftsmanship of P-Tal products for the past year. The Chapati Tawa, Dosa Tawa, Frying Pan, and Lagan have all surpassed our expectations with their impeccable quality and thoughtful design, a testament to the meticulous research and care poured into their creation.

~ Vikas Chawla

P-TAL has truly been a lucky charm! My food looks more pretty and even tastes more delicious in these brass pots. So grateful that I found them!

~ Chef Natasha Gandhi

I have bought multiple brass and copper items from P-TAL and my experience has been simply amazing. The products are not only good for health, but also add a beautiful touch to my kitchen and always attract appreciation from all guests!

~ Manisha Ahuja

I don't remember when was the last time I saw brass utensils, so when my daughter told me about P-TAL, I had an instant sense of nostalgia looking at their products. I feel so thankful to them for reviving and bringing back our traditional utensils in our kitchens, rab raakha!

~ Harbhajan Kaur

I was looking in the market for brass dinner sets but was not able to find something that looked genuine. When I stumbled upon P-TAL, I thought of giving it a try and I am so happy with their brass dinnerware. Absolutely love the quality and the cause of the brand!

~ Dr Shalu Goel

here to help you

frequently asked questions

Can we cook sour items in brass and copper cookware utensils?

You can absolutely cook anything and everything in brass and copper as long as they are tin coated. The tin coating not only makes it safe for cooking but also adds a lot of flavour to the food.

Does tarnishing reduce the benefits of the metal?

Tarnishing of metal is a sign of purity and in no way affects the quality or benefits it imparts.

Can we use it on induction cooktop?

No, these metals cannot be used on induction cooktops since these are non-magnetic

Can we use copper for drinking warm water?

It is ideally recommended to use copper for normal room temperature water.

How long does the tin coating (kalai) last on cookware utensils?

The tin coating usually lasts for around 10-12 months on an average, depending on proper usage of the utensils and maintenance of tin.

hacks to shine

Maintain the shine

P-TAL utensils can be cleaned just like your other utensils. For bringing back the shine, follow the steps mentioned below:


Wash the utensil with only water to begin with.


Apply some Pitambari powder and scrub on all parts of the wet vessel.


If you don’t have Pitambari, use a mixture of 1 bowl of wheat flour (atta), 1 spoon of salt and 2-3 spoons of vinegar.


Rinse off the Pitambari or your home-made paste with water and wipe off any excess moisture.

your vessel will now shine like it’s brand new!
And voila!, your vessel will now shine like it’s brand new!

'ठ से ठठेरा'

Made with love by India’s only UNESCO listed artisans

“Legacy is not leaving something for people, it is leaving something in people.”

At P-TAL, our aim is to leave a legacy not just in our consumers who use our products, but also in our artisans who make them. With every purchase of P-TAL, an artisan is able to feed his family, educate his children and live a better life.

Tin Coating

Key to Kalai

Kalai is an age old technique of tin coating on utensils which ensures they are food safe and flavourful too!
Worried about fading of kalai (tin) on your utensils? We are here to help you!

Buy Kalai Kit

Customer Reviews

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Manish Sharma
Brilliant product

Love the traditional design and look of this vessel, it is extremely beautiful and cooking is fun in this.