Brass Saucepan
brass suacepan set
Golden Handmade Pure Brass Saucepan
pure brass suacepan set
Brass Cookware

Brass Saucepan

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Tea has been a necessity for a very long time. This necessity when brewed in a brass saucepan leads to such an infusion of flavours. the milk boiled in a brass saucepan remains warm for a longer time & leads to better immunity. The brass saucepan is a perfect product for any kitchen. 

Remember, it is not about boiling just water or milk, this is the way to brewing some everlasting love & memories, you will have  best tea of your life in this. 

  • Size in Inches (lxbxh):
    • XS (1L) :  6.5 x 6.5 x 3 ( 5" handle)
    • S (1.5L) :  7 x 7 x 3.5 (5" long handle)
    • M (2L) : 7.25 x 7.25  x 4  (7" long handle)
    • L (2.5L) : 8  x 8 x 4. (7" long handle)
  • Finish: Plain Golden ( Handcrafted in pure Brass) Tin coated (silver colour) on the inside
  • Weight in kg: 
    • XS (1L) : 0.45 - 0.6 
    • S (1.5L) : 0.53 - 0.6.5
    • M (2L) : 0.63 - 0.7.5
    • L (2.5L) : .68 - 7.8
  • Note: Any variation in weight & size is the characteristic of handcrafted products. 
  • 1. After how long will it require tin coating (kalai) again ? It completely depends on your utility, the more you use it the sooner you will require it. Head to our kalaiwala page to learn more about kalai and to locate kalaiwalas near you
  • 1. Brass & copper being good conductor of heat, when used as cookware helps you save gas. They are a smart step towards sustainability.
  • 2. Do not leave it on gas without oil as Kalai might melt leading to quick fading of the coating.

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    vimal Agnihotri

    Till now we havent recieved your product

    Rajiv Jaiswal

    Brass Saucepan

    Rahul Grover

    Products are really good.

    Amritbir Singh Soi
    Good product.

    Great product. However difficult to clean as compared to SS products.

    Vikram Singh Kushwaha
    Good quality products

    Good quality products

    Cleaning Hacks

    It can be difficult to see the ageing of metal but that is the sign of purity!
    This product can be washed normally like other utensils. A day in an entire week can be kept for special cleaning incase needed. Pitambari powder, which is easily available in the market, can be applied to the products and rinsed off with water to give them a shiny look. Feel free to use household sour elements like a mixture of tamarind+salt or a mixture of wheat+vinegar/lime+salt, if pitambari is not available.


    Imperfections are the hallmark and beauty of handcrafted products. Minor black marks and scratches are part of the process of making brass, copper and kansa products. We do not accept returns for such minor marks and hope you embrace the beauty and accept them in their raw form.

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