हरी कृष्ण सुरी जी
Hari Krishan Suri Ji

Hari Krishan Suri/Babba ji, he is our 'copper artisan', we would call him that because when we started working in the village, he was one of the few artisans who we usually saw working with copper and was ready to experiment with the designs of copper. His creation of copper water dispenser is one of our hot selling products.

The shine of the metal, the clink of the hammer, the culture of his town, the craft form of his own. His products are not just pieces of craft, they are his identity. Spending every hour of his day, following his culture, giving an entire new face to his tradition, Babba Ji is not only a Thathera by profession but by heart!

Hear him talk about the reason behind handcrafted products being expensive: